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I'm back to working with Steve Engel as my Managing Broker for the second time in my 22 year Real Estate Career!

  I should have done this years ago!  Steve is a great Managing Broker, always there for the agents when they need him.  An extremely hard working, honest, innovative manager who really cares about his agents.  I definitely recommend Steve with the backing of Baird & Warner, you won't regret it!Marjory 

Marjory D

My business has truly taken off since I moved to Baird & Warner with Steve.

An amazing company that is invested in their Leadership. Steve is available when I need to run new ideas past him or just brain storm a difficult situation. I couldn't be happier!

Rhonda Altman

I couldn't have asked for a better managing broker when I started my real estate business.

Steve's years of experience in the business combined with being a board member for Three Rivers Association of Realtors makes him an excellent mentor, teacher, and leader! I can always count on Steve to answer questions or offer advice. During my interview and to this day, I feel like we're a family in our office and where professionals can rely on each other for support. Steve sets that example for all of us!

Julie Hancock

I have been working as an agent with Steve since December 2014.

He has been a great manager and has helped me grow since I joined Baird & Warner. Right from the recruitment process, Steve has been very supportive. Not every brokerage allows part-time agents, but Steve has allowed me to work part-time so I can work at my other job and pursue a career in real estate. Thanks!

Surya K Ghosh

Steve is a phenomenal managing broker!

His door is always open and he is quick to make you feel welcomed in our office. His many years of experience are an invaluable resource. He is a great encourager and will always give you honest feedback. He is a wonderful model of leadership for Baird and Warner.

Marilyn Knotts

When you join Baird & Warner Plainfield, you've joined a family.

Everyone is welcoming and truly invested in one another's success. We have a wonderful support staff and an equally wonderful leader in our managing broker Steve. We are currently expanding our office so there's plenty of room for more "family members", come join us! :)

Marilyn Knotts

Steve is a fantastic managing broker!

He's always there to help and his experience in the field is unmatched.

Heather Van Der Male

Very knowledgable about neighborhoods and negotiation skills!

Jenn Crowe Grelck

Steve has been a great managing broker in my estimation.

He has taken a new office and brought it to new heights!. He is there for the brokers under his management and very supportive and inspirational. He is also very approachable, maintaining the distance needed to manage people with the openness needed to allow brokers to approach with their problems. This is a difficult task and Steve has managed to obtain that balance. I would never hesitate to recommend working with Steve. He is an inspiration to new agents as well as an ally to experienced agents because of his knowledge in this business. A great Managing Broker. Approachable, Available and Knowledgeable! What more can you ask!

Marjory Dore

Steve is a hands on, always available, supportive and caring Managing Broker.

He pushes just enough to encourage and motivate you to do your best, and constantly strives to keep a team spirit within the office.

Cheryl Thomas

Steve, Thank you for being and awsome Managing Broker!

I’m so happy to be working for Baird and Warner but especially to have a mentor like you. Thank you for always taking the time to answer all my questions (no matter how silly), you never leave me hanging. This office has felt like home from the first time I set my foot through the door, you formed a great team. You not only helped me reach my yearly goal but helped me double it! Thanks for all that you do!

Marta Wysocki

When we were looking for a new home and trying to sell the home we were in, Steve came to the rescue.

  Not only did he sell our current home but he found the house we were describing to him as our dream home.  He found a home that had everything we wanted.  Steve made certain that the closings were coordinated so we did not have to look at bridge financing, or own two homes at one time.  We closed on our current home and then cloed on our new home later that same day.  We moved in right away. Steve has become a friend not just our Realtor.  He stopped by a few days after we moved in to make sure things were going well.  We will definitely use Steve again if we ever decide to sell again.   Kathy and Dennis

Steve was a great Realtor to work with.

  He made purchasing our first home fun and offered much needed advise at times.  He became a friend ad if we had known him forever.  Helping us purchase a home was not just a job for Steve, he built a relationship with us.  He made sure we had the best home, neighborhood and location we needed to start our new life, and new family.  He helped get us the home of our dreams.   Jeff and Lori

Steve Engel is an amazing managing broker!

!! I can't say enough about him. No matter the circumstance or problem, he is there to help. His wealth of knowledge combined with his years of experience make him the perfect person for the job. From the minute I joined the team I felt like family. The technology, the people, the office atmosphere all makes for a great work environment and has put me on my way to a great future!

Cynthia Kulekowskis

Dear Steve,   Thank you so much for your help in selling our first home.

  It was a pleasure to work with you.  And, given the difficult market we were working in, I'm even more pleased with our results. From our earliest conversations I was really impress with your get-it-done attitude and it made a tremendous difference throughout the process.  Given that we were already out of the house, I was looking for someone who'd be aggressive and who would also put in the extra effort on the communication side, since we weren't there to see what kind of progress we were making.  I can not stress the quality of communication enough.  You did a fantastic job of keeping me up to date and letting me know what was going on in the neighborhood with other properties.  It really helped Marc and I feel informed and in control. I especially want to thank you for being our guy on the ground.  Knowing that you were checking on the house for us and your help in getting workers in and out for repairs allowed us to take a two week vacation right before the closing without ever worrying about it.  That's saying something because I worry about everything. We wish you great success in the future!   Nancy and Marc

Great source of reliable, ethical real estate practices.

Kennedy Jordan

  I have known Steve Engel for several years now personally, as a local Realtor, and as an elected official.

  Steve is a very professional and personable individual.  He has the ability to work with a wide range of people, while making them feel comfortable and respected, whether it be through his day job as a Realtor or as an active member of our community.   Mr. Engel is also a family man with a wife a two grown children.  One just recently graduated from ISU and the other is attending NIU in the College of Business.  Steve is also very active in the local community not only in Romeoville but also in nearby Bolingbrook which together make up most of Valley View School District.  Steve served for six years as a member of the Board of Education at Valley View Schools.   Lastly, I have know Steve to be decisive but fair in his actions.  When he sat on our local school board he was always willing to listen and keep an open mind while keeping the school district's mission a priority. John D. Noak, Mayor Village of Romeoville

I can not thank Steve enough for helping me grow my business to the best it has ever been to help my clients more than ever.

The tools I have now have not only saved me money but gives me more options to help my clients reach their homeownership goals. Not only have I been able to cut cost, help more clients but I have been able to take home more and reinvest more in my business to help more. The support I have with Steve and this office is the most support I have in 16 years of real estate.

Eddie Ruettiger

Prior to coming to Baird & Warner I did not know Mr.

Engel. Over the past almost three years I have gotten to know him, I have seen him in action as a Manager and enjoy working with him. His experience and decades in the industry have developed his skills and ability to provide advice in almost every situation. The current market is ever changing and all of us are experiencing new challenges daily. Steve is there for me. He is always looking for a new tool, new app, and a new way to provide us with all that we need from a Manager. Not only do I find him to be a wonderful Manager, he is a good Man.

Rhonda Altman

I knew when I walked into our office that this was the place for me.

Steve has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is always available for help. If you are looking for a new place, come out here to Plainfield Baird & Warner!

Linda Kurecki

My esteemed colleague Steve Engel is a very dear and generous friend!

I've known Steve for 15 plus years. I admire his real estate acumen immensely! Steve loves his family and the real estate industry! He's active in our community locally and nationally. I can always depend on Steve for an ecouraging word, a different perspective or a kick in the arse.

Kennedy Jordan

I was very impressed with the speedy attention I got to all of my questions.

Steve Engel provided much more support than I ever expected! He was always available, professional and prompt. I appreciate all of his hard work in selling my property.

Deb Bugg

I feel like I am right where I should be when I walk into the Baird & Warner Plainfield office.

Everyone is like my extended family. The support I receive from Steve and his team is remarkable. Couldn’t ask for a better Managing Broker!

Cynthia Kulekowskis

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